Sao Tome-Et-Principe – Civic Movement Demands Immediate End To The So-called Hybrid Corn Test In STP

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The São Tomé and Príncipe Pro-Environment Movement is in a consolidation phase and was born after the announcement in the international press of the introduction of the Sino-Sao-Tomean cooperation of transgenic maize in the archipelago.

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Teodorico Campos, reacted by denying the information released by the international press, and reassured citizens both in the country and in the diaspora that the corn being tested in the mosque zone is hybrid rather than transgenic.

The explanations of the Minister of Agriculture did not reassure the Sao Tome citizens in the diaspora, who decided to organize to prevent the introduction of transgenic and hybrid maize into Sao Tome agriculture.

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In fact, the main slogan of the forging civic campaign is “Not the introduction of GMOs, Transgenics and Hybrids” in Sao Tome and Principe.

In a communiqué dated April 17, which sent the editorial of the Téla Nón newspaper, the São Tomé and Príncipe Pro-Environment Movement renews protests against the planting of maize imported from China and requests the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, To suspend ‘the experience of planting such hybrid maize on the São Toméan agrarian soil’.

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The Citizens’ Movement challenges the minister of agriculture to act and clarify a series of other situations around the case of imported corn, which according to the movement, the well-being of all Sao Tomeans is fundamental. That is why he should read in full the communiqué of the Movement that was born in Lisbon but which unites Sao Tome in the country and in all parts of the world. Click-Motion-Anti-GMO-Release_2

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The Movement makes it clear to the Sao Tome public and not only that “since the first open letter on the subject, there has been an online petition. We have an online working group and we plan to formalize the movement soon, and we also have a Facebook page open to the public to discuss, discuss GMOs, GMOs or Hybrids, framing laws and the agrarian policy of the islands.

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