S. Sudan accused of supporting Sudanese armed groups, US issues caution

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The United States is accusing South Sudan of providing support for Sudanese armed opposition groups and cautions that they respect UN Security Council Resolution.

The Department of State said in a statement on Friday that reports indicate the South Sudanese government harbors Sudanese armed groups despite its obligations under international law and repeated agreements between the two countries.

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“We urge South Sudan’s leaders to redouble their efforts to meet the commitments they recently reached with Sudan under which both sides agreed to end support for armed opposition groups on either side,” the statement said.

It added that the involvement of Sudanese armed opposition forces in South Sudan’s internal conflicts, destabilizes both countries which goes against the conflict resolution agreement.

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“We call on the Government of the Republic of South Sudan to ensure Sudanese armed opposition groups are not in a position to conduct armed operations within South Sudan or across the border in Sudan,” they advised adding that the armed forces should be withdrawn from the Safe Demilitarized Border Zone.

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