Rochas Clarifies With Reason, Held Back Apology Over Zuma Statue

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Chief Rochas Okorocha, the Governor of Imo State reaffirms his stance to have decorated Jacob Zuma,  South Africa President with traditional titles, named after Road and engraved image (statue) amidst public dissatisfaction.

In a Statement made available to the public through his Chief Press Secretary,  Sam Onwuemeodo, the Governor said he has no regret erecting Jacob Zuma’s Statue.

He said the reason to engrave Zuma’s image is to encourage a business relationship between Imo State and South Africa.

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According to Okorocha, Zuma was officially in the State to finalize principally Memorandum Of Understanding, MOU precisely between ‘Jacob Zuma Educational Foundation’ and ‘Rochas Foundation College of Africa’.

This statement was in line to put forth clarification to heighten criticism from the public over days.

“If it was in the days of PDP, Schools and Markets would have been shot down. And roads closed because President Zuma was coming. But none of such things were done because Rochas and his government have a human face.

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“The PDP for the 12 years they held sway never attracted any meaningful visitor to the State except PDP NEC members who were coming to loot the State.

“And in case these “Galatians” do not know if all we need to do to attract good things or investments to Imo is erecting statues, then, we have no option than to erect as many of such structures as possible. We owe no one apology.

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“Rochas made a promise to open the doors of Imo to the rest of the world, for good and he is doing that and we cannot be deterred by these enemies of our people.”


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