Consultation meeting in the city of Ambam-Cameroun

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From February 28 to March 3, a working session was held in the city of Ambam-Cameroon, about the implementation of the integral development program of three borders: Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon and Gabon.

This meeting was held after establishing a working mechanism to follow to fulfill the mandate of the three heads of State, during the VIII Session of the Great Equatorial Guinea-Cameroon Mixed Commission, held in Yaoundé in 2012, at the which all the leaders expressed their political will to create a border market in the area of ​​Ebebiyin (Equatorial Guinea), Kiosi (Cameroon) and Meyo-Kia (Gabon).

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The three friendly countries have held this first meeting of agreements and agreements for the drafting of the base document on multicultural activities that will be established in the scheme of the commercial project.

The Regional Delegate for Integration, Pablo Edu Asie Ntogono, was represented before this commission in the name and on behalf of the Government of Equatorial Guinea.

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