A non-governmental organization, Green Livelihood Alliance have called on President Akufo Addo who doubles as the co-chair of the Sustainable Development Goals Advocates, to rescind the decision of mining bauxite in the Atewa forest.

According to the group, Atewa forest contributes massively to the SDGs, adding that President Akufo-Addo will fail as the co-chair of SDGs if he exposes the forest to bauxite mining.

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“We want to use this opportunity to remind the President that as a Co-Chair of the Sustainable Development Goals Advocates, he has first watch responsibility, not just to talk about promises of pursuing environmental sustainability, but importantly to ensure that our development plans actually reflect this big talk,” they added.

This was indicated in a statement signed and issued on Tuesday by the NGO.

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Atewa forest reserve, located in the Southeastern part of Ghana, is one of the three reserves being considered by the government for the mining of bauxite.

The newly created Ghana Integrated Aluminum Development Corporation (GIADEC) has been mandated to promote and develop an aluminum industry by expanding the value chain to include the mining of bauxite, as well as the refining, smelting, and marketing of finished products.

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However, the NGO adding its voice the several Ghanaians who are against the decision said the activities violate “Ghana’s constitution, Ghana’s Forest Act (1927), Ghana’s Operational Guidelines Regulating Mineral Exploitation in forest reserves for selected companies…”

Below is the full statement:


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