Reactions Trail The Photo Of Kenya Woman Dragging A Cart Loaded With Bananas

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Photo of Kenya woman spotted pushing a cart heavily loaded with bananas has been generating mixed reactions on social media.

In a picture shared on social media by a twitter user, a Kenya woman was seen dragging a cart heavily loaded with bananas.

Some sympathized and lauded her determination to do whatever it takes to provide for her family, while others saw nothing special in her strenuous labor.

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Among the barrage of reactions on twitter was one from Omani who wrote: “I laud her efforts. Other women would have paraded the kid in the CBD to aid in begging. I hope she’s able to school the kid”

Another wrote: “Men are all over the streets doing this but no one raised a lip. Today, a single woman earns her day, Flower fraternity wanna crown her Medusa.
Let the woman do her thing, its what feeds her, and for flowers, resist from taking picture of random people.”

This picture has once again reminded us of the horror women have to go through daily in Africa to provide for their children.

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