Premier league Under Attack After ‘Same S*x’ Campaign Attempt

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Premiere league Facebook fans page came under attack by fans after changing its profile picture to a rainbow colours which purportedly represents ‘same s*x’ campaign colour.

The meaning behind the removed rainbow background  profile picture is yet to be ascertained.

The ‘same s*x’ campaign logo uploaded by premier league on Facebook fans page

See comments:
Ma-lyfe Malife – great!! premier league is back to their senses. please dont support disgusting things in the name of love; that can never be love. It is evil!!

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Faidzal Mohd Izham – Even the male lion will choose the female lion.. Just simple as that.

Blaq Andrews – Thank God….Now can we celebrate straight people for having common sense?

Sebourama Ronaldo Sonko Oh at least it’s good morning, not waking up and seeing disgusting things around. Premier League is Back.


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The logo were later changed to their former lion head official logo.

The former premier league logo with red plain background.

Chelsea Football FC Facebook fans page is not left out in the ‘same s*x’ campaign banner as it is being used to redesign their logo banner background.

See picture.

Previous logo uploaded by Chelsea

Chelsea Football club has also changed its logo back to plain white background after attack by fans.

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Chelsea official logo

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