Politicians say Rwagasore ideology has been left aside

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    <article class="article" readability="65">On the eve of the celebration of the 57th commemoration of the assassination of the independence hero on 13 October, Abel Gashatsi, Chairman of UPRONA party officially recognized by the government calls on Burundians to go beyond divergences and remain united. “Prince Louis Rwagasore lost his life struggling to set Burundians free from colonizers,” he says.
Prince Louis Rwagasore advocated Unity and Reconciliation

Prince Louis Rwagasore advocated Unity and Reconciliation

Gashatsi says Rwagasore didn’t use force in his political struggle. “UPRONA party will always follow in his footsteps in its fight for peace”, says Gashatsi adding that UPRONA followers are trying to reunite throughout the country. He also calls on participants in the upcoming dialogue session to put forth unity and reconciliation as advocated by Rwagasore.

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As for Gabriel Banzawitonde, Chairman of Alliance for Peace, Democracy and Reconciliation (APDR) appreciates the courage of Prince Louis Rwagasore and calls on Burundians to fight against nepotism and favoritism.

“At the 57th commemoration of his assassination, theft, nepotism and favoritism which are contrary to Rwagasore ideology are still observed these days”, he says adding that those who will attend the upcoming dialogue session should defend the general interest to preserve the heritage of the Independence hero.

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Prince Louis Rwagasore, the then chairman of UPRONA party said “when two people compete, there is a winner and a loser but both of them are Burundians”. He called on UPRONA party and its friends to remain united and reconciled.

“UPRONA followers who will fail to follow the party ideology will betray the country. I will be convinced that UPRONA has really won the election if the security situation prevailing throughout the country is good,” said Rwagasore.