Photos: Nigerians Dig Up Contraband Chicken From Dumpsite In Hope To Resell It For Easter

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Some Nigerians have been captured in the act of digging contraband chicken from a dumpsite in a hope to resell for Easter.
The edibles were reportedly seized from smugglers by the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), according to a report on Nairaland. A video depicting this was shared on Facebook on Sunday, March 25, 2018, by the New Nigerian Order.

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Click Here To Watch The Video Of Nigerians digging contraband chicken from dumpsite in hope to resell (Lagos Television)

A group of people were seen scampering on a mass of bare ground in a bid to get their share of ‘free chicken’.

“Be careful of any frozen poultry this Easter- contraband frozen chicken was apparently buried at this spot- where people are digging up and reclaiming the dead buried chickens… presumably to wash refreeze and sell on.. so be careful,” the post reads.

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The reaction brings to light the toils of Nigerians who are challenged by economic hardship as well as fuel scarcity.

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