Photos: Nigerian Rev. Sister Starts Vomiting Holy Communion And Blood Starts Flowing From Her Eyes In Enugu State

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According to a Nigerian Facebook user Ebuka Cajet who shared these Photos, Blood allegedly flowed from this Rev. Sister’s eyes and Host came out of her mouth during a program in Enugu State;

‘Happening live
Rev. Sr Martina of Enugu Ezike, aka (sister aka Na agba Obara) on Thursday 8th March 2018 experienced her usual weekly Lenten season PASSION OF CHRIST. It’s an outburst of unbearable pains all over her body with blood flow in her hand, feet, head and eyes. And also a very large Host or Holy Communion coming out of her mouth as you can clearly see from the pictures. It’s not a film trick, it’s real’

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see some reactions below:

Valnik Pamela She is a woman of God,this happens to her every Lenten season, especially during the stations of the cross, blood will start coming out of her eyes,hands and legs and she will be screaming in pains,she also has a motherless baby home which take care of the babies..she is strong woman of God!

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Richard Ejike Richard Rev sister wearing wrapper during church service, hahahaha this una lie carry weight, this page’s admin are wack, they don’t even know how to garnish a lie so that it will appear to be true…oya make una continue.

Gozicon Munachi Chigozirim Lol no body mumu pass Catholic people, view the comments, you will see some people typing Amen. Ndi Ara
This woman is suffering from a heart disease, Ndi Nzuzu

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