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ALIMOSHO FESTIVAL is a yearly event organized by Okun Alimosho, a group of youths, led by just – Joe Ade Ola,  who seek to improve the face of Alimosho through the  use of Art, Music and Culture in a love provocative manner.

The essence is to discover, promote and celebrate the rich art, talents, vocations, skills, businesses and cultural heritage in Alimosho as this will involve the 6 LCDAs coming together.

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The group would be engaging over 200 thousand participants in love provoking competition, traditional and modern demonstrations, promotions of excellent Business, inventions and brands, which will invariably culminate into the economic growth in Alimosho and its environment.

It is a two month programme managed by 2600 Ambassadors / staff / CBMs / Adhoc staffs / volunteers which are expected to reach over 1 million people, the festival will run from November to December Starting with the opening Ceremony which will kick off on the 9th Of November 2018

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The following are the different areas of the competition;

Football, Boxing, Basketball, , Suwe, Draft, Ayoo, Tenten, DJ, Singing, Cooking, Dancing, Modeling, Painting, Fashion design, Comedy, Hair-styling, Make Over, Business Proposal.

And other Activities  that would go on like Opening Ceremony, hip-hop nights, fuji night, Jazz night, Highlife, Alimosho Carol Concert, Cinema, Asa day, Alimosho Youth Alive, Public Islamic Lecture, Award Night/Closing Ceremony.

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This Festival intends to;

Beautify Alimosho and make it the citadel of Art & Music

To unite citizens and make them a true Nigerian

To awake and preserve our dying culture

To Bridge the gulf between all forms of religion

To portray music and art personnel as models of our society


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