Petrol price up by Sh1.53, diesel down by 50 cents in August review

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Kenyans will pay more for petrol and less for diesel and kerosene from midnight until mid next month.

The Energy Regulatory Commission announced on Tuesday that the cost of a litre of petrol will go up by Sh1.53 to cost Sh113.73 in Nairobi.

The price of diesel will reduce by Sh0.51 to Sh102.74 while that of kerosene will go down by Sh0.78 to Sh84.95 in the city.

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ERC Director General Pavel Oimeke noted that the changes were a reflection of the average landed cost of imported fuel products.

Until September 14, a litre of petrol will cost Sh110.42 in Mombasa. In that county, diesel will retail at Sh99.44 and kerosene at Sh82.16.

In Kisumu, these products will cost Sh115.64, Sh104.88 and Sh86.83 respectively.

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In Nakuru county, motorists will pay Sh114.39 for a litre of petrol, Sh103.63 for kerosene and Sh85.76 for kerosene.

On Monday, Oimeke said the proposed 16 percent VAT on fuel products, as announced by Treasury CS Henry Rotich in June, will cause the prices of fuel to rise.

If implemented, the new prices will take effect on September 1 and will see an increase of about Sh15 to Sh17 per litre.

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This will see petrol retail at about Sh130 per litre. For the past three months, a litre of super petrol has cost about Sh108 in Nairobi, Sh110.74 in Kisumu and Sh105.51 in Mombasa.

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