Patrick Sudue Crowned ‘King Of Security’

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By A. Omaska Jallah

A local student organization, the Western Region Students Parliament (WRSP) over the weekend crowned and certificated the Inspector General of Liberia National Police (LNP), Col. Patrick Sudue as the ‘king of security’ in Liberia.

According to the Speaker of the student group, Edward Morgan, the award is predicated upon the farsightedness of Col. Sudue in providing high level of security for several protestors including the famous “bring back our money campaigners” without intimidation or harassment.

The student group also talked about the police boss robust vigorous oversight of the police force in providing security and maintaining the peace Liberians currently enjoy.

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“Based on these characteristics, you were overwhelmingly selected to receive our highest honor,” he added.

Morgan said Col. Sudue has exemplified leadership ability to the highest in protecting peaceful citizens and maintaining calm in the country since his ascendency to the position.

In remarks, the Deputy Speaker of the parliament, Siafa Jenka averred that the crowning of the IG as ‘king of security’ means that they have done all of their investigations in the western region of Liberia as it relates to providing security and realized that Col. Sudue is doing extremely well in the area of security in the region.

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Jeneka said before Col. Sudue was selected by the organization, several background checks were conducted, “and finally Ambassadors of the parliament were convinced that we present him this award to you.”

He said Col. Sudue is exceptionally improving the security sector of Liberia, noting that security officers, unlike the past, are no longer harassing peaceful citizens and going with impunity.

Receiving the WRSP highest award, the IG expressed delight to be crowned as ‘king of security,’ noting that he cannot believe that people from the western region of Liberia are keenly following his work.

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Col. Sudue said the award is a motivation for him to continue to do his job well.

He maintained that the award is in actualization of his work in the region, saying “I am shocked to note that even people outside Monrovia are watching what I am doing.

However, I present this award to the hard working men and women of the Liberia National Police for the tireless efforts in combating crimes and protecting lives and properties; I promise to exert more effort in my works.”

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