OWASS book place at Luv FM High School Debate finals

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Opoku Ware School has picked the first ticket for the grand finale of the maiden edition of Luv FM High School Debate. 

They beat Tepa Senior High School by 220 points to 217 in a contest  patrons felt was a difficult one for the eventual winners.

 The  motion for the first quarter-final duel was “Authorities are to Blame for Sexual Harassment in Schools”.

 Tepa SHS spoke for while OWASS argued on the contrary.  The second clash of the day for the other slot for the final is currently underway. 

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It’s between Armed Forces Senior High Technical School and T.I. Ahmadiyya Senior  High school.

“Politics is an Avenue for Making Money” is the motion on the table.

The winner meets OWASS for the ultimate prize while the vanquished takes on Tepa SHS for the 3rd place contest on Friday, October 19, to climax a month of show of  brain power.

 “Our Leaders are Responsible for the Slow Development of our Country”  is motion for the final of the Luv FM High School Debate. It will be between OWASS and T.I. AMASS. 

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The two qualified over their respective opponents in the semi-final duels.  OWASS accounted for Tepa SHS by 220 to 217 points while T.I. AMASS beat Armed Forces Senior High Technical by the slimmest of margins -one point.

The score was 228- 227. Tepa SHS and Armed Forces will vie for third place on the motion, “Culture is the Cause of Corruption”.

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