Osinbajo Lied Against Me, Jonathan Lashed At Pastor Turned Politician

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Previous President Goodluck Jonathan has said Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo, lied against his government by asserting that the last administration discharged the total of N100 billion and another $295 million in real money inside two weeks of the 2015 general race.

Jonathan, in an announcement for his sake by his Special Assistant, New Media, Reno Omokri demonstrated that the lies by the Vice President were getting to be plainly trademark.

The announcement demonstrated that the cases credited to Osinbajo, while talking in Lagos on Friday, at a “More prominent Nigeria Pastors Conference,” that President Jonathan discharged the enormous entireties weeks before the race, was false.

“I make intense to state that the Vice President has by and by taken to his trademark propensity for lying,” the announcement read.

“Nigerians may review that exclusive a week ago, Vice President Osinbajo was in Anambra State, where he lied that the present organization had paid $2 billion for the second Niger Bridge.

“I had cause to uncover that lie and constrained the Presidency to issue an ‘illumination’. The cash discharged was 2 billion Naira and it originated from the Sovereign Wealth Fund set up by the Jonathan organization which the APC opposed and tested in court.

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“It will likewise be reviewed that in February 2016, the Vice President again lied when he guaranteed that both the Jonathan and Yar’Adua government did not construct a solitary street. This reality was effectively refuted when even individuals from this organization, including Osinbajo’s manager, President Buhari, started charging ventures, including streets worked by the Jonathan organization.

“Nigerians will review that the Jonathan organization remade the Benin-Ore parts of the Benin-Lagos street,” Vom-Manchok street, the Kano-Zaria Road Bridge (named after late Emir Ado Bayero) and some more.

“On this current affirmation by the Vice-President, not just has the Vice President again lied, he is doing as such to redirect consideration from the Maina outrage in which the organization in which he serves, by the declaration of the Maina family, welcomed Abdulrasheed Maina, the notorious asserted annuity criminal, once again into the nation, restored him, advanced him and sent him as Director of Human Resources in the service of Internal issues.

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“When they were discovered, the Presidency turned to its most loved past time of habitual pettiness by ludicrously blaming previous President Jonathan for by one means or another mysteriously being the mind behind Maina’s arrival. This is even as the Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, had just uncovered that he “acted in people in general’s enthusiasm” in starting the procedure for Maina’s arrival.”

“There is likewise the $25 billion Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation trick which is the greatest trick ever in the historical backdrop of Nigeria since 1914 to date.

“At last, Nigerians need to know reality about the Babachir Lawal test which has been finished up and given over to the president numerous months back yet of which no move has been made.

“Nigerians need to hear reality about these outrages and not worn out lies about plundered assets that continue being reused without verification.

“I might want to remind the Vice President that he is a Pastor and along these lines acquainted with the scriptural advice in Revelations 21:8 that “all liars, should have their part in the lake which burneth with flame and brimstone.”

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“It isn’t past the point of no return for the Vice President to turn another leaf and start to apologize to Nigerians for the three million occupations every year he and his manager guaranteed, yet wound up losing 4.5 million employments in their initial two years as per the Nigerian Bureau of measurements.

“On the off chance that Vice President Osinbajo is searching for who to fault for the present sad condition of the Nigerian economy, he should purchase a mirror.

“The hurried usage of the Treasury Single Account strategy of the Jonathan organization, the consistent antagonistic remarks about our economy by the President while on outside excursions, the conflicting remote trade approaches of the administration, the exhortation to the World Bank to concentrate just on Northern Nigeria, the straightforwardly master Northern Agenda which gives advancement and arrangements to people of Northern extraction independent of legitimacy or experience are at fault, not Dr. Goodluck Jonathan.”

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