An Open Letter To Mujahid Asari Dokubo, On Ralph Uwazuruike – Nnamdi Kanu Impasse

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Dear Sir, I am humbly addressing this letter to you because of what you represent in the eyes of more than 100 million Biafrans accross the globe. Over the years, you have meritoriously earned my respect and that of so many Biafrans via your antecedents.

You took up arms and fought for the liberation of the Niger Delta people risking your life at every instance because of the love you have for your people. You maintained a track record of resoluteness, trustworthiness and faithfulness to the struggle for the salvation of Niger Deltans.

You went to jail for the love of your people and urge to save them from their slavery. Though most of your Kinsmen wine and dine with the enemy, yet you remained undaunted.

All your speeches, actions and inaction punctuated the fact that you love your people and want them to be free by all means. No wonder Timaya in one his songs said, "If to say I am a freedom fighter, I for be Asari Dokubo."

You neither accepted the criminal amnesty of the Nigerian government under late Umaru Yar' Adua, nor capitulated in your quest for freedom. This singular act alone speaks volume of your personality. This shows that no amount of money can be able to buy you over.

Even while Goodluck Jonathan was President, whenever the Hausa Fulani oligarchy starts making their evil moves against him, your body languages and speeches kept them in check.

While most prominent Niger Deltans were still 'Igbophobic' you broke the jinx, rose and joined the Biafran restoration struggle having seen the power of unity. And ever since you joined the struggle your tenacity of purpose and faithfulness cannot be questioned in any way, manner or form.

Thank you very much for making moves to broker peace between the leader of Indigenous People Of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the founder and erstwhile leader of the Movement For The Actualization Of The Sovereign State of Biafra, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike. This will be recorded as one of your greatest achievements. This is a giant step in the right direction in the spirit of oneness and brotherhood. This latest move is a pointer to how conflicts will be amicably resolved in the coming Land Of The Rising Sun. United we stand, divided we fall.

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However sir, from your speech in the video clip were you called for reconciliation, it seems to me like you only heard one side of the story. It seems to me that you have only heard Uwazuruike's part of what actually transpired while the Nnamdi Kanu was a MASSOB member under the instructions and leadership of Ralph Uwazuruike.

First of all, I will like to point out the undeniable feats of Chief Ralph Uwazuruike. In the late 90s when most Biafran had no hope of restoration of Biafra, given so many years of military dictatorship in the land, Ralph Uwazuruike took the bull by the horn and started calling Biafrans together for the actualization of Biafra (though erroneous, because Biafra was a country and needs to be restored and not to be actualized). Like you mentioned in your speech, he was the first person that kindled the fire for the restoration of Biafra. No one can deny this fact.

He was arrested and was in jail for nearly two years for what he believe in, which the freedom of the People of Biafra.

From your speech, I understand that Uwazuruike visited you in prison while you were incarcerated and offered a brotherly help to you, which one of the reasons why you have a soft spot for him.

He sponsored radio Biafra for the first three months (howbeit by the money contributed by Biafrans)

Unfortunately, unlike you and Nnamdi Kanu, Uwazuruike, sold the struggle to the Nigerian government. Reports has it that Senator Chukwumerije was the person who mediated between him and the federal government. Yes, Chukwumerije brokered the transaction for the sell of the struggle.

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Uwazuruike did not stop at that, he went ahead and sent his boys to kidnap Nnamdi Kanu. Because Kanu was exposing his evil deeds on radio Biafra. Kanu was abducted and while he was in captivity, his clothes were torn, they spat at him, they mocked him and was given every manner of inhumane and degrading treatment you can think of. Uwazuruike made a video clip of him while he was in pains, naked and threatened to leak the video to the public if he continue talking about him.

Ralph Uwazuruike released Kanu after so many days and while Kanu was nursing his wounds at Ojukwu bunker, Uwazuruike alerted the SSS and told them were Kanu was. Battle ready SSS men came and arrested Kanu and took him to their headquarters in Umuahia.

Sir, remember that more than 5,000 MASSOB members, (including those killed under Peter Obi and dumped in Ezu river and those killed on the order of Achike Udenwa as governor of Imo State) lost their lives under the leadership of Uwazuruike. Uwazuruike committed an offense punishable by death, if this were to be in war times. Yes, he committed treason against Biafra.

Ever since Uwazuruike sold the struggle, he has been working against the struggle and this was why even his own MASSOB ousted him. Therefore I urge you and other Biafrans, to be careful with this peace process. Uwazuruike was in Kaduna with Hamza Al Mustapha few months ago calling for one Nigeria. Remember that Al Mustapha boasted of how he will stop the struggle soon. And he is the new found love of Ralph Uwazuruike,  we do not know how Al Mustapha plans to achieve his goals of stopping  the struggle. Sir, this is more reason why you should tread with caution while mediating  this peace process.

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On the other hand, Kanu  has earned himself respect and loyalty as a  true freedom who is ready to sacrifice anything to restore Biafra. He has demonstrated this in every way, manner or form. Because of his antecedent, we Biafrans believe in Kanu even more than he believe himself. We know that Kanu will forgive Uwazuruike in the interest of peace and in order to restore Biafra. There is no doubt about that, but there is this Igbo adage which says that 'he that must eat with the devil must as a matter of fact use a long spoon.'

Sir, Even though I believe that Nnamdi Kanu should and will forgive Uwazuruike in the interest of the struggle and brotherhood that he always preach, it will be advisable to tread with utmost caution on this path. This is because we Biafrans have lost so much, we cannot afford any further setbacks on the gains made so far in this struggle.

Like you said in your speech, Biafra is bigger than any one person. With or without Uwazuruike, Biafra must be restored. There has to be pre-conditions for this peace to be achieved.

In conclusion, Ralph Uwazuruike committed treason against the struggle. He urinated on the graves of more than 3.5 million Biafran men women and children massacred in cold blood. He urinated on the graves of his MASSOB members who died in the struggle.

As a result, about 99% of Biafrans have confirmed beyond every reasonable doubt that Uwazuruike is a traitor and an arch enemy of the struggle. Therefore, Uwazuruike must tender an open apology to all Biafrans and show genuine repentance and commitment to the struggle for a protracted period of time before he will be consider.

This is my humble suggestion. Thanks and may God bless you sir.

Tracy Merlin


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  1. i know that the boss have receive this letter please dont allow Uwazuruik due the man have rented many people unless in massob, some people that he told not to marry that if birfia is restored that they will get married. many people he gave ministers and took money from them. he is a evil man

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