Okey Igbokwe Lectures Reno Omokri On How Igbos Stood Behind Weak Jonathan More Than Ijaws

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For Reno Omokri to attack the entire Igbo leadership for not publicly condemning Nnamdi kanu labeling of Jonathan as weak shows how he is having difficulty grasping the true nature of Nigeria socio political issues . This is not the first time kanu called Jonathan names. Neither is Jonathan the only public figure he has undressed in public. He repeatedly called him an imbecile on Radio Biafra before his arrest. No pro Nigeria Igbo leader that did not come under his sharp razor tongue. From Zik to Okorocha to Orji Kalu to Ironsi and so many others. Ohaneze was not spared. Red cap wearing Igbo chiefs were not spared too. Even Barrack Obama was thoroughly unzipped in his many broadcasts. Why is Obama supporters not picking offence? So why is Reno Omokri just realizing that Nnamdi kanu has been attacking known figures? And why should Jonathan’s case be different? Is Jonathan invincible? The truth is, Nnamdi kanu was attacking pro one Nigeria southern leaders who refused to see through the threat posed by the Fulani oligarchy of the north and would love to do anything to undermine southern interests to please them. Kanu is just telling the uncensored truth and revealing their foolish mindset.

Omokri is just realizing Kanu’s pattern of agitation because he’s now in the eyes of the public as Buhari foolishly made him. He mentioned Fani Kayode and claim he would be enraged if he heard all Kanu said about him. Sorry to Omokri and his gullibility. Fani Kayode knows all Kanu had been saying about him on Radio Biafra and all the derogatory names he called him, his Yoruba people, Afenifere and Yoruba churches. Kayode knew all these, yet felt no hurt but rather went to endear to him for his courage and fighting spirit. Even Afenifere endeared to him too in the interest of justice when they protested his ridiculous bail condition. They did not feel hurt over all the names he called them.

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For Omokri to assume he can use his defense of Jonathan to incite Kayode against kanu, too late. Kayode knew already.

Nnamdi kanu passionately defended those who served under Jonathan courageously and most of his allies who did not pander to the foolish political correctness when they were being attacked by the Fulani influenced Apc media. He passionately defended Okonjo Iweala. He defended Diezani Madueke. He defended Stella Odua. He even defended NYesom Wike. The reason for his defense if these people was because of their uncommon courage in standing for the truth and in the interest of justice and equity. In the case of Wike, he defended him because of his courage in fighting off traitor Chibuike Amaechi with his Apc Fulani armada who invaded Rivers State. A trait Jonathan lacked. So if Omokri wants to know more about kanu, he should obtain one if his Radio broadcasts and listen to it to get more facts and stop making it a Jonathan versus Igbo affair.

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Talking about Jonathan versus Igbo. The Igbo made Jonathan. Not the other way round. It was Dr. Dora Akunyili who raised the alarm that alerted the whole country over the siege on him by the Fulani oligarchy led by Yardua wife and Abdulraham Dambazau. If Dora Akunyili had not been courageous enough to alert people about the Cabal and the doctrine of necessity that later made him acting president, they would have shoved him out, and no one would have known he even exist. The Igbo made Jonathan whom he is.

What did Jonathan do for the Igbo in all his five years in power? Nothing! Name one monument you can attribute to him in Igbo land. Appointing Igbo citizens into positions of authority is not achievement to Ndi Igbo. Before Jonathan, Igbo have been the vice president if this country after the civil war: Alex Ekwueme. Igbo also served as military vice president: Ebitu Ukiwe. Alison Madueke and Emeka Omeruo were Igbo who served in various high ranking military capacities. So the appointment Jonathan gave the Igbo in his government is not a new thing. Neither should it be an unheard of thing. For the state burial he gave Ikemba Ojukwu, I repeatedly posted on this wall that the Igbo should not be carried away by that gesture. Igbo nation is capable of according him a befitting burial without anybody contributing penny for us. So, it is not achievement in itself. The second Niger Bridge he claimed to do for us, our people were designed to pay 70% of it. While the government would pay 30%. Whereas, Benue bridge that has the same length, capacity and cost with the Niger bridge was fully funded by the federal government. How can a bridge our people would pay for from their pockets be an achievement to us?

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I openly supported Jonathan in all his term motivated solely by sense of justice, equity and fairness. Not because of what he did for the Igbo. I felt he was unjustly treated and ganged up against, hence my sense of justice to stand by him.

Omokri should not start waking up from sleep and suddenly realized that kanu called Jonathan weak. Was Jonathan not weak? His weakness and docility kept us in this mess we are in today. He messed up his opportunity big time. He had enormous powers but he was afraid to use it. Nnamdi kanu was right in saying that he was weak. Kanu doesn’t look anybody in the face when he wants to talk. He speaks raw truth. And telling someone who or what he is is not an insult, but to make you sit up and face reality. Patience Jonathan would have performed better than Goodluck in sensitive political decisions if she had been the president. Let’s face fact please!

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