Ohaneze Ndigbo Dares IPOB Pledges Total Support For One Nigeria In Communique

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Ohaneze Ndigbo, south east governors, National assembly members and hand-picked, so-called leaders of thought have issued a communique after a meeting they held at the Nike Lake Resort in Enugu Biafraland. Once again, these bunch of slaves sitting on the future of every Biafran child, mortgaging the future of the youths and younger generation for crumbs falling from their masters table have pushed the youths and masses of Biafraland to the wall.

The recent “gerrymandering” by the so-called Ohaneze Ndigbo, made up of 10 political harlots and the governors is as a result of the 100% Compliance recorded by the sit-at-home order given by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

The order was a prelude to an impending Referendum to determine if Biafrans are still willing to be in Nigeria and also to honor the dead Biafran heroes killed by Nigerian Government. As expected, All Biafrans from the riverine to the hinterland, obeyed the order as the whole of Biafrand was a ghost of itself on that day, being the 30th of May 2017. The success of the order made it clear to the governors and Nigerian government that the Biafrans has pledged their total allegiance and submission to Nnamdi Kanu, and that the governors have no authority over Biafraland.

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Hence, their has been disquieteness in corridors of power in Nigeria, both in the federal and state level. Therefore, the governors and Ohaneze came up with a plan to forestall the restoration of Biafra. In their quest to keep Biafrans in bondage, while feeding from crumbs from their master’s table (Hausa-Fulani Oligarchy), decided to undermine the resolve of over 60 million Biafrans, held their kangaroo meeting and issued a communique going against the resolve of youths, who have been making all forms of sacrifices to restore Biafra, including spilling their blood in the hands of Nigerian military to make sure that Biafra comes. It is worthy to note that the Igbo is just one out of 14 Clans in Biafraland. Ohaneze Ndigbo and the governors should understand that youths have made up their mind to restore Biafra and nothing under the sun will be able to stop Biafra from coming.

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In the communique, they declared their unalloyed support to one indivisible Nigeria and also begged for restructuring. Unfortunately IPOB wants nothing less than total freedom of Biafra. Late Biafran leader Odumegwu Ojukwu and Gowon, agreed on restructuring in Aburi, Ghana. Gowon returned and jettisoned the restructuring agreement and began military hostilities against Biafra. This is why IPOB wants referendum and not restructuring.

Meanwhile, the supreme leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu has been building bridges across the length and breadth of Biafraland. Meeting with traditional rulers, youth organisations and the general public. The hallmark of these vists has been that of enormous crowd thronging him to express their gratitude to him for speaking for them and working for their total liberation.

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IPOB is known worldwide for their peaceful gesture towards the restoration of Biafra. Ohaneze should not push the Biafran youths to become violent in this noble quest to restore Biafra. Because, if it must take violence to restore Biafra, then Ohaneze,their families all politicians in Biafraland who have been colluding with the Sokoto Caliphate to kill, maim and deprive Biafrans will be the first set of people to go down. Also Nigerian government should understand that 1966 – 1970 is not 2017. If Biafrans are not given a referendum and this agitation finally results in a war, their may be no living thing left in the Nigeria. IPOB is determined and has all it takes to restore Biafra. Give them referendum now, and avert the looming crisis that will consume Nigeria!

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