Obiano And The Nigerian Army Responsible For The Terrorist Attack At Ozubulu

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It is now clear that Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State conspired with Nigeria Army to to kill more than 30 persons at Ozubulu Anambra state in order to justify their planned operation Python Dance II.

Recall that the Chief of Army staff Brutai visited Obiano in Awka few weeks before the massacre took place. Also bear in mind that majority of Anambra people has made a decision to boycott the forth coming Anambra gubernatorial election on the 18th of November.

Also note that, if the boycott of the election by IPOB succeeds then it will spread like a wild fire to other Biafran regions making it impossible for Nigeria to produce a president in 2019, which will ultimately lead to referendum.

While, the Anambra state government and the Nigerian government has tried all they could to stop Kanu with no positive break-through, hence the terrorist act to justify the presence of military to enable them import foreigners to come and vote while IPOB will be kept in check.

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Governor Willy Obiano of Anambra state was in haste to make a press statment blaming a drug feud in far away South Africa as being responsible for terrorism was committed in a Catholic church in the remote village of Ozubulu.

The terrorist on the 6th of August, 2017 was a clear SIGNATURE ACT of Islamic Terrorism all over the world. Surprisingly most villagers bought into the conspiracy theory by Obiano and the Nigerian Police, propagating the falsehood that the terrorist act by the Nigeria Army was done by feuding drug thugs.

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No where in the world has drug feud led to terrorism or terrorist act. What the drug thugs normally do is to seek each other and kill them like every other gang-land war around the world, or like any university cult war popular in Nigeria.

An eye witness to the incident, said the terrorists came with the usual White, Military Toyota Hilux and massacred about 30 persons with AK47 rifle.

Another source said that when the police arrived at the scene, they neither made any arrests nor asked any questions rather, they just took pictures of the scene and left.

Only for Obiano to return about an hour later and declared the clear terrorist act was as a result of drug feud.

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However, the accused in the massacre was seen granting interviews and while stating that he neither had any involvement in the said act nor had any misunderstanding with anyone. The Nigeria police neither arrested him nor invited him for questioning, neither was anyone arrested for questioning.

As the issues and documents surrounding Willie Obiano and the South Eastern governors involvement in inviting the Nigeria military to South East for Operation Python Dance II emerged, coupled with the spate of genocide going on since sunday, I have come to the conclusion that the massacre at Ozubulu was an orchestrated plan by Willie Obiano and Nigerian military to Justify their siege and on-going genocide in Biafraland.

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