The 2016, 800m Bronze medalist Margaret Nyairera has challenged Kenyans to emulate South Africa and back her and two other female athletes forced to take drugs to suppress their testosterone hormones level.

In a sarcastic tweet, Nyairera said: “I think South Africa is the only country affected by testosterone issue since it’s the only country supporting their own Caster Semenya. Unfortunately, my mother land country #Kenya got no utterance on this issue despite the fact that it has over two athletes affected by the same issue.”

To her, the move by IAAF is discrimination in its best form but she remained firm that she will not take drugs to suppress her natural hormones.

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“The world of athletics is faced with pure discrimination!”

With Athletics Kenya tight-lipped about the whole story and the nation that goes crazy whenever a Kenyan crosses the line ahead of the rest even at a village competition, Nyairera has taken her battle to her creator-to fight for her.

“Lord have mercy on us…we are just human, we never chose to be born this way. It is just God’s deed but now we are discriminated and our careers are falling as we watch. It’s very sad,” she added in another emotional tweet-a once national pride left alone by the whole nation to fight her battle.

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Nyairera has defended Caster Semenya, who lost a case in which she was challenging IAAF’s decision that (female) athletes with an elevated testosterone hormone be subjected to take drugs or move up the distance (above 4000m) if they still want to compete as women.

Nyairera herself is not willing to inject unnecessary chemical in her system, arguing that she is not sick to take drugs.

The athlete who announced her presence in the athletics world with a Gold at the 2014 World Junior Championship fears that her once promising career will collapse if the IAAF imposes the law on any athlete with elongated primary male hormone.

Having finished a disappointing sixth in the first leg at the Doha Diamond League, Nyairera isn’t sure what the future holds for her on the track.

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A recent blood test revealed that she could be having excessive hormone, just like Semenya.

Kenyan athletes-Maxmilla Imali and Evangeline Makena were forced to return to the country home after being found to have excessive hormones.

Nyairera fears she might be denied an opportunity to take part in the forthcoming IAAF World Athletics Challenges in Beijing next week.

Nyairera now wants Kenyans to stand with her and other athletes who face a similar problem.

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