No Election – Obiano Took To His Heels As The Indigenous People Take Over Campaign Venue (Video)

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Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State Biafraland was thoroughly disgraced yesterday as he tried to defy the “No Election ” order of the Indigenous People of Biafra. The latest of this “dance of shame” by the governor took place at Onitsha stadium yesterday, as Obiano tried to host a campaign rally at the stadium.

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However the campaign could not hold and the governor had to run run for his life as angry youths took over the venue chanting “No more elections in Biafraland, until they give us referendum”. The real owners of the land, the Indigenous People have unanimously agreed and stamp their feet on the ground to say that they want freedom and nothing can stop them.

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They argue that for 50 years, they have been voting in elections in Nigeria but in return, what they get is bad roads, no electricity , no jobs after education. Fulani herdsmen raping their women, killings by the governors they elected. therefore, they will not participate in anything Nigeria until Biafra is restored.


This is why they are boycotting every Nigeria elections, while calling on the international community and united nations to pressurize Nigeria to conduct a referendum to enable the peaceful restoration of Biafra.


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