Nnamdi Kanu Organized IPOB To Restore Biafra, Clifford Iroanya Created “Soldiers Of Justice” To Fight IPOB

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Top Biafran activist, Emeka gift has bemoaned the destructive tendencies of the Clifford Iroanya etal’s led ‘Soldiers Of Justice’ as they now stand out as a major enemy of the Biafran restoration project and clog to the wheel of progress of the Struggle. While reacting to a post by Clifford Iroanya aimed at tarnishing his image, Emeka Gift said that the reason why, Clifford created the so called Soldiers of Justice was to destroy the Biafran struggle.

“Nnamdi Kanu created IPOB to fight Nigeria government and get Biafra restored, Clifford Iroanya created ‘Soldiers Of Justice’ to fight IPOB and get Biafra struggle destroyed. If I should face Clifford as he is tempting me, it will divert our attention from the real struggle. We must concentrate,” Emeka Gift said.

Mr Iroanya who goes by so many other different names on social media has been writing all forms of divisive articles, just to bring confusion and conflict within the IPOB family.

Trouble started when Clifford Iroanya, Barr. Emma Mmezu, Uchenna Asiegbu allegedly collected bribe from Nigerian government via Orji Uzor Kalu in order to destroy IPOB while Nnamdi Kanu the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra was still in detention.

The trio opened a parallel Biafra radio station with different logo and website, Kanu who  brought them into the struggle and gave them the post they were holding, told them not to open the radio station but they rebelled.

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As a result, they were suspended from their high positions in IPOB. Instead of them to serve their suspension as they have always preached, while suspending their subordinates in the struggle, they rebelled and start working against the struggle which they hitherto took oath to uphold.

Clifford Iroanya and co has been writing a lot of devastating articles and publications bent on destroying the struggle, but unfortunately for them IPOB family members are wiser and often ahead of their divisive antics.

Since the ‘Operation Python Dance’ began in Biafraland with mass killings, rapes and abductions, Mr clifford Iroanya and co seem to be on celebration mood.

The question is, what exactly are these bunch of Judases celebrating? Are they now celebrating the death of Biafrans? Does it mean they are only interested in being leaders collecting bribes and not interested in the freedom of Biafran?

Below is a message from Clifford the founder and creator of “Soldiers Of Justice”


There is a popular English adage that says “the devil you know is better than the angel you do not know”. This is the case with Emeka Gift who habours evil agenda in IPOB.

In my previous article, I wrote about how Emeka Gift (not Real Name) uses fake personally recruited family writer journalists to make demands of money in the name of buying gadgets. Here in this article, I shall extensively elaborate the hidden plans of Emeka Gift and how he intends to hijack IPOB.
It maybe true that the name, Emeka gift, is a popular name in the circles of IPOB, yet it is an undeniable fact that the real nomenclature of the bearer remains incognito.

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Emeka Nnaoma Gift, whom Nnamdi Kanu made the head of Biafra Twitter account and had mandated him to use every Tuesday in tweeting to the world leaders about the atrocities been committed against Biafrans by the Nigerian government, have suddenely deviated from that initial plans. Firstly, Emeka Nnaoma Gift started by forming his own Biafra media called family writers, many of us subscribed and gave our consents without deeply scaling the pros and cons of that singular endeavor. As days went by, Emeka Nnaoma Gift recruited many radical journalists, including Amarachi Ibeh Gift, Ifeanyi Chijioke, Somto Okonkwo, Prince Darlington, Comrade Chukwu Ogbu, Mazi Oscar Lee, Prince Gilbert, Chima Onyekachi and Host of other brave and vocal actors who sweated in the course of transforming family writers to what it is today.

According to a facts finding, Ifeanyi Chijioke started doing quite well to the extent that he was quickly made the National President of the group. Emeka Gift, like his boss Nnamdi Kanu, feared that maybe someday the fast growing and talented Ifeanyi Chijioke would be more relevant than he, Emeka Gift, hence, he planted a bone of discord between Amarachi Ibeh Gift and Ifeanyi Chijioke. Ifeanyi Chijioke was sacked afterwards from Family Writers forum by Emeka Gift. Although, this did not go down well for Emeka Gift because many people joined Ifeanyi Chijioke and ‘The Biafra Post’ was born. Today, Ifeanyi Chijioke has been made the leader of his new group.

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Offcourse, due to the injustice and evil intents of Emeka Gift, which we are going to expose before ending of this rather lengthy article, he sacks and disgrace the brains behind the formation and transformation of Family Writers, including Oscar Lee, a Biafran born Israeli from Gold Coast and host of other Family Writers gladiators. Emeka Gift has, today, recruited new and uncheckmated journalist into Family Writers.

Another fact findings reveals that Emeka Gift’s intention is now to sack Amarachi Ibe Gift, but due to the fact that the lady in question is full of valor, Emeka Gift is left with no choice than to swallow his pride and retain her. But the real question is ‘what are the evil intents of Emeka’?

Emeka Nnaoma Gift who have embarked on another plan, have started building a private website for himself gradually abandoning thebiafraherald. Prompting yet another captivating question “If Emeka should finally decamp to the enemy’s camp, which is certain, what effects will it have on the struggle?

Clifford Iroanya is the founder of Soldiers Of Justice


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