Nnamdi Kanu Finally Nails Nigerian Government, Buhari Now Stuck On His Deadliest Trap

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I want to congratulate and encourage every body who has genuinely contributed in the Biafra movement, IPOB, MASSOB, Facebook supporters, Intellectual writers, and all those who has stood solidly behind us all these while in our quest for freedom.

That we have forced the Nigerian government to make the last mistake of desperation by sending troupes and military invasion arsenals to Biafra land is a sign that we have boxed them into a very precarious corner.

About 7 months ago, I predicted that soon the last option of the Nigerian government to stop the restoration of Biafra will be a military option and that it too shall fail. Today, that prediction is coming through.

The first option was to arrest Nnamdi Kanu, and put in a confusion among his followers, that failed. The second option was to clamp down on agitators with state security agencies by killing, abducting and intimidation but they failed in that strategy as well.

The next option was to infiltrate and cause a confusion and division. They created TRIPOB, REIPOB etc but no one bought into their garbage, thus it became another exercise in futility.

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Their next option was to bribe Nnamdi Kanu and pay him off to drop the agitation while he was in prison but the young man rejected their offers and chose to hold on to the dreams of helping his people to be free.

The next strategy was the media blackmail of our agitation. They doled out billions of Naira to many of the already compromised Nigerian media houses.

However they failed to understand that the world has gone digital and our millions of voices were louder than all the news papers and tv stations combined. They even attempted to use Mark Zukerberg to curb our activities on the internet by giving him billions to take down the Radio Biafra London Facebook page.

However, that very Facebook page has the highest number of people worldwide on the Facebook platform hence is untouchable. They became desperate and were lost in confusion.

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They decided to play the card of genocide, property and investment blackmail against the Igbos. They used the Arewa Youths to issue us with a quit notice and started circulating hate songs against us.

This move backfired greatly as every International organization condemned it in strong terms hence they foolishly backtracked on the quit notice.

The last option available to them right now is the military invasion of igbo land and the various attempts to drag us into an armed struggle so that they would have reasons to unleash destruction on our region and then turn around to blame it on the agitators and IPOB.

This shall fail too as we shall snub every provocation to carry arms and start a war. We have at every turn shown that we are brave and fearless even in the face of death yet we have refused to go to war.

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We are civilized and they are barbarians. We shall never condescend as low as going to war with them. I want to urge every Biafran to remain committed , focused, determined and resolute in our struggle.

We must not dance to their tunes of violence and an armed conflict. We are smarter than them and more intelligent than they are.

We must remain a million steps ahead of them and we must ensure that we dictate the tunes. We are playing the music and their “Pythons” are “Dancing”.

I want to assure you that all those military arsenals they brought to Biafra land shall eventually become part of our pioneer army after we vote to exit via a Referendum.

Soon they shall call us for a dialogue and negotiations and all we shall have for them is “REFERENDUM”. We are Biafrans.

Written by Ikenna Nossa Ahaiwe

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