Nigerian man who lived in Ireland, and also murdered dad and stabbed mum is arrested

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This guy in the photo above is just 24. His name is Bakare Babalola Rotimi jnr. He recently returned home (Nigeria) after he refused to go to school in Ireland, where he has been living since he was 7. His parents allegedly brought him back and they have been having issues because he Rotimi Jnr. won’t go to school.

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On the 4th of December he stabbed his father who came out of his room to urinate dead. He asked him to lie down and he stabbed him repeatedly. His mother who heard her husband’s scream rushed out and Rotimi Jnr stabbed her too.

Thinking they were both dead, he took his father’s ATM card, went to his petrol station BBR at Ikeja and harassed the manager for some cash. He was there after apprehended and would soon be charged to court. His father, late Babalola Bakare Rotimi snr has since been taken to his hometown for burial while his mother is recovering from her injury. The boy is the last of three sons. Just too sad.

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