Nigerian Father Resorts To Suicide On News Of Wife’s Triplet Delivery

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An executive in the Kogi State common administration, Mr Edward Soje has supposedly dedicated suicide by hanging himself on a tree in Lokoja, the state capital .

It was accumulated on Saturday in Lokoja that the dangling assortment of Soje was found on a tree behind the mammy showcase at the Maigumeri garisson huts, the Nigeria Army Command Record.

The 54-year-old government worker chose to end his life scarcely 10 days after his better half of 17 years brought forth an arrangement of male triplets in a private clinic in Abuja. The couple had been childless before at that point.

Soje, a Grade Level 16 Officer in the Kogi State Teaching Service Commission, was being owed 11 months’ compensation unfulfilled obligations as at the time he ended his life.

He hailed from Ogori town in Ogori – Magongo Local Government territory of the state.

He had before executing himself made a trip to Abuja and left a suicide note for the spouse who likewise works in one of the government services.

The suicide note read “Psalm 121:3 God will not suffer your foot to be moved: He that keepeth you will not slumber. Amen. You and the three boys, the God Almighty will keep you and prosper you, amen. I love you,”

Affirming the occurrence, the state police summon Public Relations Officer, ASP William Aya said that the dangling collection of Soje was found on a tree behind the military enclosure at around 5:55 p.m on Oct. 16.

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Aya said that the Divisional Police Officer accountable for Area D Division got data about the occurrence from the military knowledge office in the garisson huts.

“Police moved to the scene, removed the corpse to the morgue of the Federal Medical Centre, Lokoja. Investigation is still ongoing,” Aya revealed.

The police representative said that nothing was found on the man to help follow his address and family.

In any case, a hunt party composed by his relations and companions, discovered his cadaver at the mortuary of the doctor’s facility on Friday, Oct. 20.

Family sources said that Soje had before the episode been experiencing a considerable measure of budgetary weight due to non-installment of his compensation for 11 months by the Kogi State Government.

He was among a huge number of government employees being owed in the vicinity of two and 21 months’ compensation back payments by the state government.

As an exit plan, he was said to have sold his exclusive auto and a three-room lodge he was working at Otokiti region of Lokoja.

The building which was at lintel level was sold by Soje at a giveaway cost of N1.5 million in April to meet earnest family needs, it was accumulated.

As per the sources, Soje’s monetary misfortunes ended up plainly aggravated when the spouse brought forth an arrangement of triplets through Caesarian operation in a private healing center in Abuja on Oct. 7.

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The perished stayed in the doctor’s facility to take care of spouse and kids until Oct. 13, a day prior to the naming function when he chose to return to Lokoja.

On getting to Lokoja, Soje went straight to his bank to gather the rest of the N30,000 in his compensation account with one of the business banks and from that point educated the bank in expounding on his choice to close the record.

He promptly left Lokoja for the clinic in Abuja where he rejoined his better half and gave over the N30,000 money to her.

On Oct. 14, Soje and spouse were joined by two ministers and couple of relatives to play out a concise naming service for the triplets in the clinic.

He later left the doctor’s facility on the appearance that he needed to pick couple of things from the spouse’s flat in Abuja with a guarantee to return rapidly.

Be that as it may, Soje did not return for a considerable length of time and did not pick any of the many calls made to his phone line, an advancement which constrained the spouse to send some person to the house to go and discover what was transpiring.

The individual, on getting to the loft thumped the entryway severally yet no reaction and chose to call his phone number.

On hearing the phone ringing out from the loft, the individual was said to have thumped severally again yet no reaction, this influenced him to look for the help of neighbors to power to the entryway open.

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At the point when the entryway was opened, the general population were stunned when they saw Soje’s phone handset set on a suicide note on the inside table in the living room while he was mysteriously absent.

At the point when the spouse was educated, she immediately reached a few people to start a look for him in Abuja while relations and companions in Lokoja were additionally educated of the improvement.

Endeavors made to find him didn’t yield organic product until the point when relations chose to visit healing facilities in Lokoja, the choice paid off in the end on Friday, October 20 when the body of Soje was found in the mortuary of the Federal Medical Center, Lokoja.

An individual from the family said that the administration of the healing facility disclosed to them that Soje’s carcass was acquired by the police, who discovered it dangling on a tree.

An individual from the family, who talked on state of namelessness, depicted the late Soje as a “very quiet and lovable human being.“

He said that a few individuals from the family have been sent to Abuja to break the news to the spouse and declined to answer additionally addresses.


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