Nigerian Army Still Laying Siege On Afaraukwu, Shooting Sporadically

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Nigeria Army is still laying siege in Afaraukwu Ibeku Umuahia. The information from IPOB sources has it that the Nigerian Army are shooting at innocent civilians who dare look at them. They are said to to shooting sporadically in the air to create an atmosphere of tension and panic.

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The statement below is from IPOB leadership for onward dissemination.

Convey this message to all IPOB members worldwide that Hausa Fulani soldiers are still in Afaraukwu Umuahia the hometown of Nnamdi Kanu, at a place called Aba Road to be precise.

They are shooting sporadically at anybody that looks at them. Their intention of frightening the people with their armored cars doesn’t seem to be working so they are now shooting in the air to create fear and panic.

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We know later they will deny it but anybody with friends and relatives in and around Aba Road, Federal Medical Center (FMC) will corroborate this report.

So, contrary to the lies of the Nigerian Army, they are still in Afaraukwu terrorizing innocent people. The world must be made aware of this now!

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