Nigeria – Unrest in Military barracks, 143 soldiers lost to Avengers in less than one month, soldiers protest incessant killing of their colleagues by Avengers.

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Nigerian soldiers decry the incessant loss of their colleagues in the hands of the dreaded Niger Delta Avengers. They argue that it is not in the domain of the soldiers to fight in the water ways but that of the navy.

Information reaching Afroinsider from a reliable source who pleaded anonymity has it that the incompetent zoo soilders who derive joy in molesting innocent women protested in their barracks last night because of the incessant killing of their members by the Avengers. It goes on to say that over 143 zoo soilders has lost their lives within one month.

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The soilders vowed they will not combat Avengers again in water ways/creeks; that it is not their work but that of the zoo Navy.

A certain Biafran once said that the battle will start from the barracks. His prediction seems to be unfolding.


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