Nigeria: There were no missing Chibok girls

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The missing Chibok girls fraud was a ploy by the Northern oligarchy to turn Nigerians against Jonathan. This was orchestrated by Buhari and his kingsmen to make Jonathan look incompetent. But the truth is gradually coming out. Let world know the truth about the missing Chibok girls fraud Let the world also know that Buhari and his kingsmen created Bolognese Haram, the same way the created the Chibok girls scam

An insider wrote this on his Facebook wall. I think that someone is pulling my leg here. A girl appears on the scene with a four months old baby, with a man who refers himself as a Boko Haram commander, with no arm or anything, and the 13 year old girl gave three different first names and surnames as her name, and the girl could not even speak English or pidgin English, nor understand both, yet she is about to write SSCE. These guys are really funny. Does this whole story of Chibok kidnap and rescue matter make sense to you now? First, how come the girl does not know her name? A 13 year old girl could at least know her name. Two, how come none of the Chibok parents have come to identify the girl as her daughter? Three, how come no one has come to match the girl’s face with any of the 219 passport photos freely circulated as being the photos of the abducted Chibok Girls. Fourth, how can a 13 year old Muslim girl be ready to write SSCE ? At what age did she enroll in primary school, and then secondary school for her to be among those to take SSCE. Since primary school take six years, and then secondary school take six years, was she one year old when she enrolled into primary school? Fifth, how can a class 6 secondary school student not know how to speak English or pidgin English? For her to be due fir SSCE, she ought to have spent at least eleven or twelve years in the primary and secondary schools. So how can she can’t speak English or pidgin? And she can’t even understand English or Pidgin. Why is the govt giving his Boko Haram commander husband a hero’s presidential welcome when the guy should be in jail. Why is the president so willing in granting him amnesty? The more I look at this, I am convinced more and more that that girl was just brought from somewhere, maybe from Daura, to deceive Nigerians and to give the impression that one Chibok girl is rescued. That girl does nor know where Chibok school is located. That girl has never seen the four walls of a secondary school. That his Boko Haram husband does not even know where Sambisa forest is and have never been a Boko Haram fighter. Everything on this matter, is one big scam. Nigerians have been talking about the fact that Buhari has not achieved anything as a president this one year, so I think that this is designed to deceive gullible Nigerians into believing that this govt has not wasted one year. There is nothing these people cannot do to retain power and get the acceptance of Nigerians. However, my only happiness is that you can’t deceive all the people all the time. They should try another act, because, in this one, we can see beyond the curtain.

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