Nigeria Soldiers Shot And Killed Two Unarmed Biafrans In Umuahia, Others Injured, While Compromised Media Deny It.

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There was a heavy sporadic shooting at a popular spot called Isi-gate in Umuahia, the capital of Abia State on the 4th of September 2017. According to an eye witness who was at the scene at the time of the clash narrated what accumulated to the senseless killing of two Biafrans.

The eye witness told Family Writers Correspondent how a commercial tricyclist popularly known as keke driver, who had a Biafra flag in front of his tricycle while approaching a check-point manned by Nigerian soldiers was stopped by a furious soldier who proceeded by asking him what the flag in front of his tricycle stands for.

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The man answered the soldier by telling him that it is a Biafra flag, and that he is a Biafran. The Nigerian soldier got infuriated and before people could understand exactly what was happening, the soldier slapped the tricyclist and started dragging him away.

At a point, the man who was been brutalised couldn’t bear the pain any more and started to defend himself but instead of calming the situation down the Nigerian soldier shot his leg. As the commotion continued, other soldiers around the incident signaled for reinforcement from their base and more soldiers were drafted to the entire arena of Isi Gate and what ensued was a rain of live bullets at harmless Biafrans who were trying to come to the rescue of the IPOB member who was mercilessly brutalised and taken away.

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As at the time of filing this report, about two persons were confirmed dead. Several others sustained various degrees of injury while many others were arrested. Family Writers press correspondent who visited the scene also gathered some sensitive report from the soldiers on ground who out of joy, were boasting that Buhari has given them order to shoot and kill all IPOB members including those who were in support of Biafra. According to them, Buhari has already deployed soldiers from Kwara State and far North who will use the annoyance and frustration of their experience with Boko-Haram to deal with Biafrans mercilessly.

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Even while on ground, there was a team work between Nigerian Armed Forces who were shooting live bullets and the Hausa-Fulani’s who lives in ISI gate, Umuahia who were also firing local made poisonous arrows on armless Biafrans. To put this facts straight, we were also able to pick up a live bullet and an arrow in the scene of the incident.

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