Nigeria: Kogi Gov. Justifies Indebtedness Leading To Civil Servant’s Death

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Kogi State Government on Sunday communicated stun at the passing of a senior government employee who allegedly dedicated suicide after going a long time without pay.

Be that as it may, the state’s head of administration, Deborah Ogunmola, said the demise of Edward Soje ought not to be faulted for Kogi State.

Mr. Soje, 54, was an executive at Kogi State Teaching Service Commission until the point that his sudden suicide on Friday evening.

His demise was promptly associated with the ruined state he was left in the wake of going a very long time without being paid by state government.

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His demise allegedly came 10 days after his better half brought forth an arrangement of triplets. The News Agency of Nigeria said the couple had been childless since they got hitched 17 years prior.

However, in her Sunday explanation, Ms. Ogunmola said Mr. Soje was gotten in false age assertion works on amid a staff check practice presented by Governor Yahaya Bello.

“His pay was stopped after proof emerged that he falsified his age records. His confession to the offence is on video,” Ms. Ogunmola said.

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Notwithstanding, the state decided to retain Mr. Soje in service following talks with labour union officials, the official said.

“Following engagements with Labour which spanned several months, the Kogi State Governor magnanimously commuted the disciplinary action due against certain categories of offenders by grant of pardon. Mr. Soje fell into one of the categories.

“Pardoned staff were processed for reinstatement and payment in batches. Mr. Soje was in the September 2017 batch and he was aware of this fact.

“The Kogi State Teaching Service Commission where he works has forwarded a template for payment to Government and Mr. Soje was aware that he was listed to receive six months back pay, leaving only two months (August and September) outstanding.

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“Edward Soje was not just my staff; he was also married to my sister-in-law. His death is shocking, both as one related to him in some way, and one responsible for him in an official capacity.”

The state government has endured public backlash since the news of Mr. Soje’s demise became public knowledge Saturday.

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