Nigeria has more girls working as prostitutes in Dubai than any other country in the world-FFK

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FKK is 💯 percent right,I have seen so many of them and u could not believe what the same girls who flaunt themselves as big girls in Nigeria do I er here.
.Can you imagine that these girls open their mouth and swallow,I say swallow the smelly shit of rich,dirty,old Arab men for only 50 thousand U.S. dollars,not finished,they pass them around to about twenty Arab diseased men to fuck them,then they go clean up ,the next stage is to have a sumptuous diner with the Ashawo Nigerian girls,then more rounds of fucking,then they finger them in the anus before fucking them in the ass again,then they get paid and are advised to recruit more sex slaves. You see how Nigerian women are being humiliated all over the world? In Spain and Italy Edo girls stand along the road with skimpy dresses, like stray dogs and truck drivers,mail couriers and all sorts of lowly white creeps fucj these bastard girls like bush prostitutes. It is now becoming agonisingly shameful to swallow the disgrace these girls shade to Nigeria,they have no iota of shame,their motto is someone dies but ones,it is always something that will kill a human being. The greed and rush for material stuff which Nigeria hardly produces had turned out women into dangerous hoes and our men into assorted class of criminals. Shame on this indifferent government of Buhari,enabled by treacherous Yoruba Tinubu.You are all a disgrace to your own wretched lives for setting these standards of corruption,greed and avarice to a gullible nation. The Pentecostal pastors are another malignant , fraudulent animals,so u see at all levels,Nigerians have been caged in by demonic entities posing as human beings

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