Nigeria – 5 Plane Crashes Between 2005- 2006 in Nigeria Planned, Victims Used For Human Sacrifices (FFK)

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Femi Fani-kayode said that before he became minister of aviation, between 2005 to 2006, that there were five plane crashes in one year, and that as minister, he discovered that these plane crashes were man-made.

He said that most of Nigeria’s leaders are not human beings, and that they are the ones that cause those plane crashes, so that they can use those that were killed as human sacrifices.

He said that 453 people died from those crashes, and that in one of those plane crashes, that a bomb was planted on the plane. He said that when he took over as minister of aviation he stopped it.
FFK said that he knew about the bomb because he read the report of the American NTSB of the plane crashes.

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He said that he wrote to the powers that be and demanded an international investigation only to find out that they were involved too. He said he was threatened to drop the issue. He said he told the senate committe on aviation about the human sacrifices in 2008 but the statements made him an enemy of the entire ssystem.

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I would have waved this off as the ranting of a mad man but when I consider that FFK was a minister of aviation in 2008 and that he was privy to some information we probably was not, then I am tempted to take him serious.

I remember in 2005 when I flew a Sosoliso Airline from Abuja to Port Harcourt and I that was my first time of flying. I developed a conversation with one of the air hostesses and two weeks after, I learnt that that same airline, in one of its flights, crashed and I think everyone on the flight died.

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Now for a former minister of aviation to say that he has information showing that the crashes were as a result of some politicians causing the deaths and using them for human sacrifices, is scary.
One of the crashes was even caused by a bomb blast.

All these years, this information was hidden from the public.

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