Nigeria – Ejike Mbaka should be taken to a psychiatric hospital and examined for signs of schizophrenia

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Father Mbaka in his Adoration Ground said that God is happy with Buhari, and that anybody who speaks evil against Buhari will be cursed.
Mbaka also said that there are high level plans to kill Buhari by some people due to his stand against corruption. 
I don’t know why this man should not focus on his religious calling and leave politics alone.
The moment a clergyman leaves his calling and starts mendling into politics, he exposes himself to attacks, questions and scrutiny over some of the things he says and does.
Mbaka should emulate people like Pastor Adeboye, Oyedepo, Okonkwo, Kumuyi etc who though they had good reasons why they should either praise or condemn the govt in power, stayed away from doing so but concentrated on their calling, and which is winning soles for Christ.
I do not say that a clergyman cannot talk about politics but when a clergyman opens his mouth, he must be sure about what he says and the association with politics should not dominate his time thereby making his clergy eork a second vocation. 
Mbaka has, of recent, been more identified with politics than evangelism and the job of priesthood.
Also, on the issue of being sure of what he says, i do not see anything special about Mbaka predicting that Jonathan would lose the election. Anybody could have done that and the situation was a 50:50 one.

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From the day the five governors left the PDP and APC was formed, i knew that the days of Jonathan was numbered. No one needs rocket science for that.
So the fact that Mbaka predicted the victory of Buhari, to my mind, does not place him on any special pedestal to start being an authority on political matters as to be saying whatever he wants.

On his assertion that God is happy with Buhari, i wonder where God told him that. Also, does that mean that God is happy with the sufferings of Nigerians, that God loves the killings of unarmed protesters, that God loves the fact that we buy dollar N410, that God loves the fact that most families in Nigeria cant boast of three square meals, that God loves the disobedience of court orders, that God loves the appointments of muslims and northerners to fill almost all available spaces in Nigeria, that God loves loves the fact that through the acts of one man in making enemies out of the people that produce the national wealth, the country has entered recession? 
So when Mbaka makes comments, i wonder if he thinks that we are stupid.
On his comment that God would curse anybody that speaks evil against Buhari, is he trying to raise Buhari to the status of a god? Both John the Baptist and Jesus spoke afainst rulers. Christ even called one of the political rulers in his time a Fox.
It is never biblical that Christians should never hold their political leaders accountable so placing a curse on those that speak against Buhari’s negative policies is taking the sycophancy game a little too far.

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Also, on the nebulous allegation that some persons plans to kill Buhari because of his anti corruption stand, i wonder why the clergyman desires to use the stick of nebulolosity to steer the uncertain honnet nest.
If the reverend father wants us to take him serious, he should tell us the names of those planning to kill the presidennt, where the plan was hatched and where it would be executed.

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Throwing up allegations of conspiracy against certain unnamed individuals to us makes a reasonable person to believe that either the clergyman thinks that Nigerians are fools, or are gullibe, or are both.
The man should not play on our collective sensibilities. 

We understand the desire for the clergyman (I shall not call any man Man of God, only God knows who His men are) to get the attention of the president (according to him, he has tried several ways to get the attention of Buhari by calling him on the phone but tge the calls were not answered), but that desire should be pursued in a decent manner and not to mingle clear personal ambition with the unverifiable impression of God’s endorsement of certain controversial behaviours.

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