Nigeria currencey is officially the worst performing currency in Africa, Even worse than that Zimbabwe!

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According to the The Economist, the world leading financial magazine, the Nigerian currency, the Naira is Africa’s worst performed currency in 2016.

The Naira performed even worst than the Zimbabwean currency, the Zimbabwean Dollar.

It is a shame that Buhari, Adeosun, Fashola, Amaechi, Ngige, Ogbe, Lai and the rest of them APC crew have brought Nigeria on its knees, just within a year and four months of piloting the affairs of Nigeria.

In those days, we used to hear of how bad the economy and the currency of Zimbabwe are performing. We used to mock Zimbabwe over their plight not knowing that a day shall come when our economy and currency shall perform worse than the currency and economy of Zimbabwe.

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Instead of our president to do something positive about the economy and currency, he and his party men are busy blaming past government.

Today, the president is at Edo State to convince the people of Edo to vote for the APC in the governorship election. I wonder what the president shall tell the people of Edo State that he and his team has achieved since being elected. Shal he tell them that they should vote the APC for making their lives more difficult?

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What exactly would Buhari and the APC crew tell the people of Edo that is a good news from them, to convince them to vote for the APC and Godwin Obaseki?

If it were to be in more civilized climes, Buhari and his team would have resigned for showing an absolute lack of competence and capabilities to pilot the ship of Nigeria to progress and prosperity.

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If the currency of Nigeria is the worst performed currency in Africa in 2016, then it means that Buhari is the worst performed president and his team is the worst performed team in Africa too.
Shame on our president and his team.

As Charley Boy said and I agree, he country is dying in the hand of Buhari. And the worst part is that it appears that the man doesn’t just care.
It is a shame.



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