Nigeria: Buhari and Burutai makes a Yoruba man scapegoat for shitte muslim massacre

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They have finally found a scapegoat.
You will recall that after the Shiites killing last year, I stated that what the army did was highly illegal in killing protesters in Kaduna.
Also, you also recall that our president was silent over the killing and when the outrage became much, Buhari, during a television interview on 30th December, said that the Shiites invited the wrath of the military upon themselves by ‘hitting the chest of generals’.
Well, the govt of Kaduna State set up a Judicial Commission of Inquiry into the Shiites killing of 347 members of the Shi’a Muslim group led by El-Zakzaky.
Yesterday, the panel submitted its report.
In the report, the panel made no mention of Burutai who was allegedly blocked on the way, and soldiers under the army command killed 347 people.
Instead, the panel indicted a yoruba man, Major General Adeniyi Oyebade, the General Officer commanding the Nigerian Army 1st Division, as being the person that gave the order for the massacre of those unarmed worshippers which took place between 12th to 14th December 2015
The report neither apportioned any blame on the army leadership not blamed the federal govt.
The report never condemned the army command but squarely heaped the blame on Major General Oyebade, recommending that he be arrested and prosecuted immediately for mass killing.
The simple story is that after the Shiites blocked the way of Buratai the COAS, the next day soldiers went to arrest the sect leader and in the 347 people were killed by the soldiers.
One army corporal, Corporal Dan Yakubu, was killed in the process.
The report recommended that soldiers should no longer be deployed against civilians and that the police should be better equiped for that purpose.
They have found a scapegoat in a Yoruba man as a sacrificial lamb.
Buratai as an Hausa man orchestrated the attack, Oyebade a yoruba man who was the GOC takes the fall, yet some yorubas will say they don’t condone evil and that anybody found guilty should be punished.
To me, any inquiry that frees Burutai and indicts Oyebade alone is a joke.
How can the report exonerate Buratai because of whom the killing was done, and who was on the scene the first day, especially when there is no evidence showing he made any effort to stop the killing (if in fact, he did not give the order).
Same way Buratai was exempted from the arms scandal when he was the Director of Army procurement and several allegations hanging on his head.
Recently, southern Generals and senior officers were sacked and now, Oyebade may face the gallow while his COAS who the whole thing started around him, still dey enjoy life.
And I am also sure that the yorubas will find nothing wrong with this, provided it is an injury done to them by the north, who recently are acting as superior to the Yorubas, and the Yorubas are willingly accepting that role imposed on them by the North.

Written by Chief Emperor Gabriel Ogbonna (The Onunekwuru Oha 1 of Item)

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