A country without security,
A country that breeds terrorists,
A country without power supply,
A country where peaceful protest is against the law,
A country where a demand for referendum is a case of treasonable felony,
A country rated as the most miserable place on the planet,
A country where there is zero hope.

This same country, where an imposter is the President.
This same country, where the Army recruits Boko Haram terrorists into the military,
This same country, where the Police collaborates with Fulani terrorists herdsmen to stop kidnapping,
This same country, where terrorists and Kidnappers are paid one hundred billion Naira.

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Oh! This country without any industrialization,
Oh! this country with only one seaport amid so many rivers,
Oh! this country with abundance of wealth yet the poverty capital of the world,
Oh! this country with abundance of crude oil deposits, yet import petrol,
Oh! this country with enormous gas reserves, yet no power supply,
Oh! this country with enormous and brilliant medical doctors
yet no adequate medical facility.

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Why should there be humans living in this contraption?
Why shouldn’t the youths look for greener pastures in far away lands? Why shouldn’t the youths look for means of livelihood instead of mere existence?
why shouldn’t the youths demand for freedom from this entity of damnation?
Why shouldn’t the youths demand a better life and justice system to live like humans?
Why, just why?

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Written by Anioke Chukwunonso
For Family Writers Press International

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