National Assembly – MPs sow discord in Tsimbazaza over Electoral laws

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A session impregnation of electoral laws was held yesterday at the National Assembly. The presence of other members of the Government as well as that of the journalists divided the deputies Cacophonie.

The session hall of the National Assembly was busy yesterday. The agenda has scheduled a meeting of impregnating three draft organic laws relating to the elections with the Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice, as a full committee in 10 hours and at 15 hours.

The chairs were filled gradually, including the balcony reserved for the Executive. Other members of the Government, much, joined the session hall.

As Jean Max Rakotomamonjy, President of the National Assembly is on a mission to Togo, Vice President, Freddie Mahazoasy, chaired the session.

After the announcement of the agenda, a member asked questions about the presence of other members of the Government in the session hall.

The tone is mounted to the point and outside the room, a commotion was heard. As it is a Committee, the access of journalists in the room was prohibited.

Pending the outcome of this meeting, the press came together in the hallway until the member Tody Arnaud elected Soanierana Ivongo has opened the main door and invited the press to enter.

In perch, Freddie Mahazoasy urged journalists to leave the room. A decision that has provoked a strong reaction of Deputies. “There is no reason to refer the press. This is a national issue concerning the elections.

The people need to know what is happening. We do not want to be locked up in this room with the Government, “insisted Marie Thérèse Volahaingo, elected Bealanana. “Journalists must leave because their sweat stifles us,” railed the member Isandra, Norovelomampionona Roberthine Rabetafika.

In total cacophony, Freddie Mahazoasy tried to be heard. Thus, he asked the police to intervene. Stalemate Following the orders, two gendarmes and a soldier entered the room and approached the reporters as they crossed the corridor separating the columns of chairs.

However, the deputy Roberto Tinoka intervened to return. When calm was restored, MP Christine Razanamahasoa requested the suspension of the session.

So, after a show of hands, it was decided that the session would resume in 15 hours. Now a plenary session of the afternoon took place peacefully.

Prime Minister Solonandrasana Olivier Mahafaly exposed the innovations of the bills. The three organic bills on elections will pass in committee work Friday. The plenary session will be held on 20 March. Animation is also expected. Andry Rialintsalama

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