Namibia, Elderly Woman 79 Years Old Dies After Being Tortured By Three Men

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A 79-year-old woman died yesterday after she and her husband were viciously attacked and tortured in their Swakopmund home by three men.

The couple were tied up, while the woman was hit in the face and choked.

The attack happened between 08:00 and 09:00 in Richthofen Street, Swakopmund.

One suspect has been arrested. By late yesterday afternoon the police were still on the hunt for two more suspects.

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According to a police spokesperson, Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi, three men forced their way into the house through the kitchen door.

Kanguatjivi said the men demanded safe keys from the woman, tied her up and choked her.

When the three suspects moved into another room, apparently looking for a safe, the woman’s husband came out and was knocked over the head. He was also tied up and assaulted.

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The three men fled and from what could be established nothing was stolen.

The woman was taken to hospital and later died from her injuries.

According to reports the husband identified one of the suspects as a former employee. This information led the police to the suspect’s house, where he was found washing his clothes and cleaning mud from his shoes.

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The shoes matched footprints found at the house.


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