Mysterious Bees Cover Thief In Uganda (Video)

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In a clear show of African traditional powers, a Ugandan man who is suspected to have stolen a HiFi Subwoofer system was forced to return the stolen item to the owner when a swarm of bees sought him out in his hideout making a beehive out of his head, neck shoulder and chest.

According to various reports on social media, there was pandemonuim in Masindi town on Monday as a swarm of bees attack a man suspected to have stolen Subwoofer music player system.

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The man was seen crying while motor-cyclists and a crowd followed him. His head shoulders, back and chest was covered with live bees.

It is believed that the owner of the stolen item had sought the services of a traditional medicine man who cast the bee spell on the thief.


In another development still in Uganda, a man’s right arm was covered with bees after he stole someone’s car. In the video above the man was seen crying for help as the insects make a beehive out of his right arm.

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