Morocco – Société Générale Maroc Clients Panic After Thousands Of Dirhams Withdrawn From Accounts

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Rabat – Société Générale Maroc’s (SGM) clients woke up to a bad surprise this morning. The bank charged several clients’ accounts a sum of MAD 2,000, justifying the withdrawal as “credit card sign-up fee for a virtual purchasing card.”

After hundreds of customers of the SGM bank saw their bank accounts accidentally debited sums of money without having carried out any transactions, clients took to social media to express their dismay, demanding answers from the bank.

Some rushed to the bank customer relations center to try to understand what is happening, as the switchboard is currently blocked. The issue seems to be a general attack on all servers of the bank.

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The bank confirmed that the issue is simply a technical error in the information system of the bank error that touched about 900,000 clients’ accounts.

Speculations about an alleged hacking attack pushed a number of customers to block their banking accounting, while a bank official assured that SGM will reopen their accounts without any extra fees.

This is not the first time the bank has encountered similar problems. In late June, the Moroccan subsidiary of the French bank experienced severe disruptions in wage transfer operations managed by the bank. Thousands of clients did not receive their salaries on time.

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After the incident in June, Société Générale explained that “the computer engineering that manages the transfers [had] experienced malfunctions that disrupted the operations.”

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