Morocco – Man Slaughter’s His Friend Like A Goat Just Because He Wins A Girl They Both Wanted

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Mohamed is serving a sentence of three years Oukacha prison. It is now two months since he returned home to Assalam neighborhood in Sidi Bernoussi. The father, who was arrested because of drug trafficking, and found his friend Abdelilah, a street vendor of 45 years with whom he spends most of the time.

As usual, they meet this afternoon of Tuesday 13 September. They make a turn to the area before sitting down in a cafe. Night is falling. A few moments later, a young woman returns to the coffee and sits in the corner. The eyes meet. The young woman smiled. And the two friends decide to invite him to their table by betting on who manages to seduce her. Their invitation is accepted and the young woman joined them. The atmosphere is relaxed, the three laugh, chat and share jokes as if they had known long ago.

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Over time, it seems it’s Abdelilah who will win the bet. It shows a lot of interest in it, drinking his words, his words, and laughed uproariously when he tells a joke … Mohamed is found “out” despite all his efforts to charm. Proud of himself and sure of its effect on the young woman, Abdelilah invited him to accompany him. She accepted without hesitation.

Both, together, take the path to a local at one of his friends. On the other side, behind Mohamed’s not all alone to his home. But he can not digest his friend, older than him to ten years, comes to seduce the young woman and spend the night with her. Because of this, he stayed awake all night. So goes the next day in the arms of Morpheus and not out in the evening.

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It provides psychotropic pills he swallows quickly before heading to a market in the region. Here he looks at his friend, Abdelilah in full swing, trying to sell his onions. He slips quietly behind him. He quickly pulls him by the hair to the then slaughtered like a sheep. The scene lasts only a few seconds before Mohamed takes to their heels.

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The Anassi police hurries to the scene of the crime. The body is discharged to the morgue. The information was gathered by investigators who learn that Mohamed was staying with her in-laws residing at Sidi Bernoussi. No less than a quarter of an hour, it is sticky. For what mobile he killed his close friend? Mohamed replied that he felt humiliated when her friend arrived to seduce the young woman. He was caught by a lightning jealousy

Saturday, September 17, Mohammed is brought before the public prosecutor at the Court of Appeal which kept him in custody charged with premeditated murder and felonious.

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