Morocco Dismantles New Irregular Migration Network in Nador

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Morocco Dismantles New Irregular Migration Network in Nador
    Rabat-<b><i> Morocco’s BNPJ has arrested six individuals linked to a migration network in Nador, the capital of the northern Rif region.</i></b>

The National Brigade of the Judicial Police (BNPJ) and security forces in Nador arrested five Moroccans and one Senegalese national. The six are suspected of organizing undocumented migration, reported the General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) on Saturday.

Following the arrest, security forces seized equipment used for irregular emigration: safety jackets, 5 zodiacs, 3 cars, a GPS, electronic devices for communication,  104 passports of various nationalities, bank receipts, and cash.

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The arrest led to the interception of 19 irregular migrants from sub-Saharan countries, including seven women.

According to DGSN, members of the criminal network lured sub-Saharans into crossing the sea only to abandon them in makeshift and inflatable boats. The network would then urge Spain to help the migrants.

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Earlier this week, DGSN dismantled a similar migration network, arresting 19 migrants, 1 intermediary, and 3 alleged organizers.

The police also seized their equipment: a seven-meter zodiac, two paddles, one engine, and five safety jackets.

The arrests have come at a time of increasing irregular migration attempts which have pressured the navy into using controversially aggressive measures to fight the phenomenon.

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On Wednesday, the royal navy fired on a “hostile” migrant boat, injuring 16-year-old Ilyas Amrani.

On September 25, the navy, in another attempt to intercept a “hostile” migrant boat, shot and killed 20-year-old Hayat Belkacem, and injured Lahbib (26), Hamza (25), and Mouad (23).

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