More Than 50 Biafrans Killed By Nigerian Combine Miltary At…

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millions of Biafran Children Died of Starvation

There was a time when British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Voice Of America (VOA) were the only media house feeding people with whatever news they want them to hear while hiding whichever news the don’t want the public to know about and no one ever gets to know about it. A quintessential example of this is, the careful obliteration of Biafra from World map, even the Bight of Biafra, which is one of the most conspicuous landmarks on the world map.




Today, with the help of the internet anybody can broadcast news and it will be received by the whole world. It is pertinent to note that the internet itself was made possible to be used by an infinite number of people by Philip Emeagwali, a Biafran who migrated to the USA after the Brutal Biafran Genocide. For example, information posted on your facebook wall or twitter can be shared and retweeted respectively, until everyone on these platforms gets to know about them. So it is now impossible for governments or big name media houses to keep the world in the dark as to what is happening around the world anymore.


The western media, especially those of the UK and USA have meticulously hidden news and information about Biafra from the public. Whenever they decide to report whatever the chose to report, they consciously give wrong and malicious accounts against the Biafran struggle. During the Biafran war, 1967-1970, media houses from these 2 countries peddled lies and misinformed the whole world about the genocidal orgy of violence against the Biafrans. As a very close ally of the USA, News media from America understandably did this inhuman acts to protect the British interest in Nigeria.

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Let me categorically let the world know that the Biafran Genocide is the second worst genocide in the world. Worst than the much-talked about Rwandan Genocide, only second to the Holocaust. Nigerian government in several occasions have stated that they killed at least 3 million Biafrans to keep Nigeria one. Of course, you know that in Nigerian numerical system and nomenclature, whenever the police or army report that ten people died, just multiply it by 3 to get the accurate number. If the government say they spent 2 billion naira on a project, just multiply it by 3 to get the accurate figures. This is a fact that every Nigerian can attest to. Muhammadu Buhari stated that they killed 2 million Biafrans just to keep Nigeria one while addressing a cross section of Youth Corp members in the north last year. Also, Yakubu Gowon who is the Chief Genocidist who presided over the extermination of a cross-section of Biafrans also made reference to that at a function in 2016. Till date, 95% of Europeans and American knew nothing about the Biafran Genocide. The western news agencies have successfully kept this secret for 50 years, but not anymore because the world must know the truth.


There were at least 15 pockets of Demonstrations like this one in Igweocha (Portharcourt)

While reporting on the brutal massacre of more than 50 jubilant Biafrans  and injuring of more than 100 of them and adoption of an estimated 200 others, on a Pro-Trump rally in Igweocha (Portharcourt) 2 days ago, a post in the by Anamesere Igboeroteonwu, Additional reporting by Tife Owolabi in Yenagoa; Writing by Ulf Laessing; Editing by Tom Heneghan wrote;

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“Over 1,000 southern Nigerian secessionists took to the streets on Friday to express the hope that newly inaugurated U.S. President Donald Trump might help counter Muslim influence in their country” 


when it was obvious from the videos and picture posted from the rally that at least 100,000 people were between Waterlines Junction and Garrison Junction and similar number of people were in about 15 other locations in Igweocha (Portharcourt), trying to meet up at Rumuola but were prevented from getting to the venue by the rampaging armed forces of Nigeria.


1. They said Biafrans are secessionist; Biafra and Biafrans have been in our homeland before the coming of the Europeans and from time immemorial. See 14th-century map of Africa by the Portuguese. My Father was born was born in 1914, while Nigeria was created by Lugard in1916, his girlfriend at the particular time, Miss Flora Shaw gave the name Nigeria, of course, he must have been changing women like clothes.


The question you must answer for yourself is, which country was my dad from? Which country was Ibecheojo my grandfather from? Who created Britain? Who created Biafra?


“The emergence of a nation is an organic process, people began to coalesce around same social norms, values, laws, mores and folkways over a long period of time and finally emerge as a nation”.

“Here the wise British in their wisdom think that the Moslem, arid north, who do not eat  same food, wear same cloth, worship same God, speak same language can coexist with the Biafrans in the riverine and rainforest south”.


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I want to make it clear to the whole world that the Nnamdi Kanu and Uche Mefor led IPOB is here to restore Biafra. Before the British and Lugard were born Biafrans already were reading and writing (NSIBIDI) and had a well organized and well-articulated democracy. It doesn’t matter how long they try to hide these facts, the truth must be told.


The British came, as merchants, forcefully established the Royal Niger Company, were buying and selling, brought in their churches and later they decided to ruthless and deceitfully rule over us, thereafter in 1960 they left and handed us over to the Muslim north.


Therefore it is both erroneous and Malicious to say refer to Biafrans as secessionist. Biafrans are here to restore our ancient landmarks.



  1. The writers failed to express that anyone was killed, even though other top media houses like, have already reported the killings.
  2. The writers failed to point out that about 100 people were injured.
  3. These writers failed to report that about 200 Biafrans have been adopted.
  4. They were quick to point out that about 1000 people, which can be between 800 to 1200 people were at the rally and no one was killed.


What a shame! We must continue, Biafra must be restored!


Watch this space, more to follow.

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