The Moment Nnamdi Kanu Prophesied Of Catalan Independence In 2015

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Afroinsider gathered that the embattled Biafran leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who is believed to have either been killed by the Nigerian army or is being held unlawfully by the Nigerian Army, was in Catalonia in 2015. In one of his broadcasts from Catalonia, the Biafran leader prophesied that Catalonia will gain independence from Spain in 2017 and today it has become a reality.

Catalonia is a region in the north – eastern extremity of the Iberian Peninsula in the far north – east of Spain. It also the region in which the only Biafran Embassy is located.

It can only take a serious and memorandum of understanding for the Catalans to allow the one and only Biafran embassy in their land.

According to a top IPOB official who spoke with Afroinsider reporter on phone, the Biafran leader held series of meetings with Catalan officials and their was diffusion of ideas and innovations from both sides on how to spearhead their respective quests for independence.

A Facebook use, Chukwuebuka Chinwenite, has this to say about the Nnamdi Kanu – Catalonia collaboration, vis-a-vis the Biafra restoration project.

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Chukwuebuka Chinwenite wrote:

In the far right, beside one of the leaders of Catalonia freedom movement, stood the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the man that brought light & good tidings to the most darkest part of the world, known as Nigeria. In 2015, during one of his tours in Europe, Nnamdi Kanu, met with the Catalan political leaders, and each of them exchanged great ideas & support for each other’s course; considering what both intending nations have suffered from their oppressors, they vowed never to relent in their quest to emancipate their people from life of mediocrity & servitude.

Regardless of technology advancement & the great positive changes the world has recorded in recent times, an African civilian dictator, by the name, Muhammadu Buhari, a hausa-fulani descent, a British house nigger, the president of the zoo called Nigeria, decided to use military force to maim, suppress & shut the voice & the wish of the people of Biafra; in a British artificial experiment, known as Nigeria.. while the European/Spanish leaders, regardless of their silly misdemeanors and little clash with the Catalans, during the referendum vote, refused to kill anybody, even though some people got minor injuries, through the over zealous brutality of the Spanish law enforcement personnel. At least no life was lost.

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Millions of Biafrans, both young and old have been unjustly killed from 1967–2017, while thousands are presently languishing in various prison yards in Nigeria…all because they desire & support a new nation called Biafra. What exactly is our crime? Today, Catalonia is an independent nation, after quite a number of rallies & protests, compare to the long aged protests, wars & too much noise alluded to the Biafran independence agitators. while the Biafrans are still battling with the greatest forces of darkness called Nigeria/Britain, Catalonia have declared their independence without a single soul lost.

When will black Africans start using their brains? When will dictatorship end in this part of the world? When will African people rise up without any shred of fear and take their destiny in their hands?

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Biafra will be that first black African nation, that will gain her political independence, through the bloodshed of millions of her own people, all for the sake of the quantum of her endowments..
quitting now will attract a terrible and unpardonable curse/suffering against us the living. Forward ever backward never.


Meanwhile, IPOB family worldwide, believe that the victory of Catalonia will catalyze the quest for Biafran restoration.

Also, Femi Fani Kayode, former Nigerian Aviation minister  said “The declaration of Catalonia as an independent nation from Spain serves as a warning to Nigeria”.

“Those that believe that the ideas of Biafra or Oduduwa are dead are naive.Far from being over the dance has just begun.Nigeria MUST be fair to ALL if she is to survive as one nation,” he added.

Now the whole world is waiting for Biafra, Ambazonia (Southern Cameroon) and Western Sahara to take a bold step forward.

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