The Moment A Girl Who Has Been In Coma For 3 Months Texted Her Friend

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A young girl who goes by the name Laurissa was in coma for  3 months. Everyone thought show would not make it to life again as she was presumed brain dead.

Suddenly, she regained her consciousness and sent her friend a text message for the first time in 3 months

In her famous text message, she wrote, I lived Bitch! with a picture of her from hospital bed, straddled with what looks like Nasal oxygen and infusion on her nostrils and finger respectively.

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She was presumed to be brain dead and never to recover fully. Fortunately and miraculously she came back to life.

Her shocked friend posted a screenshot of the communication between them on twitter.

The text message from the coma girl on a hospital bed has gone viral on social media.

See Text below

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