Militarised Democracy, Self-determinism, And Immunization: The Need To Desert This Dungeon Called Nigeria

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What have they not militarised? They oppress us, the constituents of the old Eastern Region, using the military. When our boys became restive over perceived and glaring political exclusion, social alienation, and economic irrelevance the response we got was movement of military artillery with a view to clamping down on us like outlaws. When some of us managed to muster the temerity to voice out against the predatory role exercised by those alien to our region over our natural endowments, the response we got was militarisation of our region. What have they not militarised? Tell me, dear Biafrans.

Is it not incredible that even our nascent democracy has not been spared? Is this not a combination of militocracy and lootocracy? They have militarised every other region that is not peopled by the sons and daughters of Uthman Dan Fodio, leaving their region ravaged by the terrorising Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen. They came in the guise of saviours, chanted CHANGE that has become a mirage in their clandestine bid to loot this quasi nation dry and out. What Nigeria has become since 2015 is an entity where jihad is a norm, rape is legislated, and looting is a CULTURE. Yes, things have truly changed, albeit in the opposite direction: Nigeria has the worst economy in Africa and our currency has become a used and discarded tissue. Things have moved from bad to worse with no remedy in sight. Give yourselves a round of applause for voting for CHANGE.

We have cried and ululated on end about this social, economic, and political decline that dot this stuffy and cataclysmic contraption called Nigeria. Now that the militarisation has been transmitted to the health sector, where shall we find the voice and energy to wail and complain? Lest you forget, we are still mourning our huge losses caused by the unlawful invasion of the South-East. Rivulets of tears have not ceased to flow since the whereabouts of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is still beyond our ken. And now the militarisation of our health in the name of unsolicited immunization? What part of us is free from either jihad or militarisation? Whence cometh our elusive respite from oppression, subjugation, alienation, and all forms of inhuman treatments from these tse-tse flies called Fulani?

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Now, our children are their new targets for extermination in their devious bid to decimate our number? What is this pillage about? Must we all worship a god that permits rape, wanton destruction of properties and human lives, and invasion of people’s lands? Must we all show obeisance to a god that keeps virgins for those that will kill their fellow humans? If these uncircumcised Philistines feel we and they should not cohabit this imaginary country, why stop us from leaving? Or is there something they are not telling us? Are we really the ones they use as their jihadist game? Are we the ones they kill without let or hindrance in fulfillment of their Islamic rites? Who are we to these scoundrels? What crime have our own children committed to warrant this attack?

The irony in this militarisation of our health is that we are healthier than these invaders. They are peopled by numerous leprous and various morbid fellows. Common sense tells every sane person that the North should be the focus of whatever immunization exercise they are carrying out. When did the military become more professional in medicine than the staccato of well trained doctors within our beck and call? Nigeria has become too venomous for a non-Fulani. The need to escape has become imperative, brothers and sisters. This is no longer about politics and economics as much as it is about our safety. The incidence of our children caught on camera running for dare lives because of an attempt by the Fulani military to immunize them spells doom for us all. We must consider these innocent children and do the needful. We cannot fail these children that now live in palpable fear of the unknown.

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I am sure the Devil stares in consternation at what Nigeria has become. Everyone that crusades about unity amidst these ugly occurrences is the known Devil. May the wrath of the Almighty God descend on that demon called Willie Obiano for trying to make excuses for the militarisation of the health of our little ones in Anambra State. That man deserves the hottest portion of hell for selling the wellbeing of Biafrans for a pot of political porridge. Someone should ask Obiano to take the immunization to his household. Let Obiano lead by example by bringing his children for open administration of this health project. Kudos to Governor Wike of Rivers State for checking both the crocodile smile and the attempt to poison our people. Shame on every selfish governor that allowed these beasts to invade their lands with the demonic intent to kill and Islamise.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the military has no business outside the barracks in a democratic government. Furthermore, the military has no business inoculating or immunising our children without the say-so of their parents. It is obvious that they have come to poison us all. I heard that some children that were forced to take the vaccines have died. This is the Devil we can all see. Shame on the legislature. Shame on the governors. Shame on you all that support evil. Shame on this jungle called Nigeria. Every one that has continued to maintain silence in the face of the genocide in the East and this attempt to kill our children is a BEAST! I am so pained. Biafra, we need you. We must restore Biafra. Biafra is the only remedy. We must work harder for the restoration of Biafra. Invest more for Biafra restoration. Devote more time. We must escape this time, brothers and sisters. This is our time. Nigeria has become too toxic for us. ALL HAIL BIAFRA! ALL HAIL THE LAND OF THE RISING SUN!

Russell Idatoru Bluejack is a thinker, revolutionary writer, university tutor, and socio-economic and political analyst that writes from the creeks in the coastal part of Biafra.

By Russell Bluejack

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