Merkel Sworn In For Fourth Term As German Chancellor

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Angela Merkel has been sworn in as Chancellor of Germany after lawmakers voted to re-elect her as leader in a close vote in the early hours of Wednesday, March 14, 2018.

Lawmakers in Berlin’s glass-domed Reichstag voted 364-315 with nine abstentions for Merkel who was then to be formally appointed by President Frank-Walter Steinmeier before taking the oath of office at 12pm.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been sworn in for fourth term, bringing an end to half a year of political uncertainty. @dwnews #GroKo

— Sarah Kelly (@SarahKellyTV) March 14, 2018

Merkel’s victory marks the final stepping stone on the path to Germany’s new government — a renewal of the so-called grand coalition (“GroKo”) between the Chancellor’s CDU/CSU alliance and the SPD.

BREAKING: Germany’s parliament elects Angela Merkel for her fourth term as chancellor.

— The Associated Press (@AP) March 14, 2018

Wearing a white blazer, she said “I accept the vote” and beamed happily as applause filled the Bundestag chamber, where her scientist husband Joachim Sauer and her 89-year-old mother Herlind Kasner were among the well-wishers.

For the veteran leader, the ceremony marked the end of a painful stretch of post-election paralysis, the deepest crisis of her 12-year career.

There are reports it is likely her final term and may prove her most challenging yet as she leads a fragile coalition in the country.

Merkel is billed to first travel to the Berlin residence of German president, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, to be officially nominated.

She will then return to the Bundestag to be sworn in as Chancellor later on Wednesday.

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