Meet The Harvard Robot Bees That Uses Water As Fuel

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Harvard Scholars invented a bee-like robot that uses water as fuel. The Robobees function like a rocket converting water into a highly combustible oxyhydrogen that propels it out of water.

These Robot bees uses water as fuel to power a single use combustible rocket that lets it expose out of water.
The Robobees have tiny electrolytic that converts water into oxyhydrogen. It is a highly explosive gas that fills in the inner chamber which is then lit by a spark.

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Harvard’s Robobees was first unveiled in 2013. Since then the bees has gone from simple take off and landing to sticking unto surfaces, swimming under water and now, diving out of the water while using it as fuel.

Robobees could one day be used in search and rescue missions or even pollinating crops. Rest in peace(RIP) real bees.

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Via The Verge

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