Medical Doctors Applaud Govt for Quick Ebola Response


Government of Uganda responded early and quickly to the Ebola infection outbreak in Kasese district, Ugandan doctors say.

While addressing journalists in Kampala on Wednesday, Dr Ekwaru Obuku, the President of Uganda Medical Association (UMA) heaped praise on the Ministry of Health for its swift response towards the deadly disease.

The country has since Tuesday last week confirmed and registered three cases of Ebola disease in Kasese district in western Uganda and has employed stricter preventive measures like washing hands before accessing crowded areas, Ebola screening and sensitisation of masses.

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“We thank government of Uganda and its partners for the early preparedness and response so far, including compassionate vaccine of over 4,000 healthcare professionals,” said Obuku.

He says the healthcare professionals ought to stay calm but vigilant and observe infection prevention.

In the last couple of days, social media was awash with reports of Ebola in Wakiso and Mbarara districts, allegations the Health Ministry has since come out to regard as false and misleading, clearly noting that the disease has only been confirmed in one district (Kasese) in Uganda. On this, Obuku says all stakeholders, should be cautious while disseminating information regarding it.

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“We call upon the general public and the media to exercise caution and desist from rumours about new cases of Ebola in Uganda. It is the Ministry of Health with the mandate to report of epidemics such as Ebola,” he said, adding that a case of Ebola is only confirmed by a laboratory test by the Uganda Virus Research Institute in Entebbe.

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The UMA President says that more resources should be allocated to fight epidemics of the Ebola kind including Anthrax, Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever and Marburg.

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