Mauritius – Pan-African Media Outlet Label TV And Radio Marks 100 Days

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There was cause for celebration today, Tuesday 21 November, for Pan-Africa media outlet Label TV and Radio, as it marked 100 days since its launch. Mactar Silla, chief executive officer of the media outlet, expressed his pride following this achievement but maintained that it was an essential move towards better journalism in Africa.

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Following what he describes as “a dream come true”, Silla is hopeful that Label Radio and TV will offer an appropriate platform for African journalists to express themselves and tell their stories. “We want a Pan-African vision of news and content,” said Silla. “100 days after the launch of Label TV and Radio, we also want to build bridges to strengthen democracy.”

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La Sentinelle and its Director of Publications Nad Sivaramen, were chosen to represent the Indian Ocean region. “La Sentinelle is excited to work with journalists from all across Africa. This can only help us have a better grasp of African issues and perspectives,” said Sivaramen. “It also shows that our work in Mauritius and Madagascar is appreciated by the Pan-African media.”

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